30 Days! Love It Or Return It!

30 Days! Love It Or Return It! - ecommsellcom

It’s nearly impossible for someone to recall the number of times they’ve made a purchase only to get home and have a change of mind. Actually studies show that 82% of customers have regretted at least one purchase in the past. WE GET IT! Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. That’s why we make sure our customers know that when that happens we are right there next to them the entire time. To ensure that eCommsell customers feel appreciated and backed, we give all our customers 30 days after the initial purchase date in order to return their devices under the eCommsell 30-Day Buyers Remorse Policy.


Explaining Your 30-Day Buyers Remorse In-Depth

While some companies have very confusing policies when it comes to buyer remorse, we like to be transparent and straightforward. Our 30-Day Buyers Remorse policy is applied to each and every one of our devices no matter if it’s an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, etc. Every customer has 30 days from the initial purchase in order to return their device free of charge. Here are some of the most common reasons customers use the 30-Day Buyer’s Remorse: 

  • Not satisfied with their iPhone and desires a better model 
  • The phone isn’t performing up to customer expectations
  • Found a better price 
  • Change of mind
Our business model is designed around developing a trustworthy relationship between our customers, our products, and ourselves. One of the best was in which we exemplify that is by showing our customers just how much we appreciate them taking the time out of their day to give us a chance! There is more to business than just doing business with a customer, we want our customers to know that they are family here! We don’t want customers to just like our products, we want them to LOVE our products!


What Voids My Warranty?

Unlike most companies, we emphasize transparency just as much as we promote our products! In better words, we DON’T believe in hiding what voids a warranty on our website. Here is a list of things of the most reasons behind voided 30-Day Buyer’s Remorse Warranties:

  • If you lose your device
  • Drop/break the phone
  • Water damaged
  • 30-Days have passed since the initial purchase

Please be sure to note that any reason listed above void all warranties, as a result, we cannot accept the device for return. Another key thing to note when returning a device is the fact that if you return a device back without its original cable and adapter, we reserve the right to apply a 10$ fee per accessory.


Anything Else I Need To Know About My Warranty?

One of the most common misconceptions with our 30-Day Buyers Remorse Policy is that it is applied to all of our devices regardless of the platform on which the device is ordered. Just to clarify, customers who purchase our devices on other online platforms outside of eCommsell.com are subject to different terms of warranty as the device is not sold directly to the customer from us.

Please note that customers are allowed to return products after their 30-Day Buyers Remorse has expired. However, customers who seek to return items after their 30-Day buyer’s remorse policy has expired can be charged a 10% restocking fee if the returned device is not defective as a result of the vendor. (There is a restocking fee applied to customers who return non-defective devices. It helps absorb losses that occur when devices are returned. This includes paying for shipping expenses, cost of labor, repackaging and restocking the merchandise, testing the products, and data removal).