About Us



Who are we? 

We are the number one electronic refurbisher in the Midwest.  Our company alone has saved over 1,000,000 devices from reaching landfills.  We are extremely passionate about redemption through circulation.  This is something we are extremely proud of because one of our core values as a company is to preserve the environment.  We are located in St. Louis, Missouri, “The Gateway to the Midwest”.  Everything from refurbishing, processing, and shipping the devices is done here in St. Louis.

Where do our devices come from? We love this question! We purchase our devices through Carrier Auctions and other certified dealers.  Our company guarantees your device will have a clean history and our team hand tests each device to ensure its quality.


Mission Statement:

“ To reduce electronic waste around the globe and elevate quality in each individual’s experience while providing a premium necessity at a valued price”

Vision Statement:

“Creating economic and environmental change by reinventing how people perceive refurbished devices.”


Company Culture and Core Values: 


  • Community and Employee Engagement
    • We value engagement and ideas from our employees.  At eCommsell, we emphasize teamwork and the combination of ideas. Many of our team members have participated in organized sports their entire lives and love participating in a ‘team” atmosphere.
  • Customer Commitment
    • We’re honest, transparent, and committed to doing what is best for our customers.  We try to provide a solution to every problem we encounter.
  • Preserving the Environment
    • We strive to reduce our environmental impact on the earth and its resources.  We contribute to better earth by recycling (refurbishing) devices and preventing them from being thrown away.  This process reduces the amount of electronic waste impacting our world.  We also organize different events with non-profit organizations that help clean up the St. Louis community.
  • Diversity
    • We strive for excellence and embrace diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We recognize that our differences make us stronger and diversity drives innovation.
  • Quality
    • We provide high-quality devices that are backed by our company and our technicians.
  • Accountability
    • We are personally accountable for delivering on the “eCommsell promise”.


Code of Ethics

  • We value our relationships with employees and strive to create a culture of integrity.
  • We treat our vendors with respect
  • Within the company, we follow through on our values with every action


We will follow laws, rules, and regulations of the cities, states, and country in our business practices

Promote full and understandable disclosure of company information in all documents released for the use of the government and public communications