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ECommsell Free 2-Day Shipping - ecommsellcom

Imagine being ecstatic after purchasing the desired product online only to find out that after shipping the product won’t even be fulfilled for the next 3 to 5 business days. Even worse, imagine having to pay an extra $5 to $10 in shipping fees in addition to having to wait almost a full week in order for the product to be delivered! Many companies tend to forget that the customer’s happiness includes more than just being satisfied with a product. When customers make a purchase they don’t just make the transaction, they also go through the process of getting a feel for a company and how that company handles business. That’s why at eCommsell, we focus meeting more than just product expectations, we make sure our customers trust the process and feel taken care of. When most companies are trying to figure out how to make more money, we’re thinking about how to save you a bit more!


Is eCommsell Shipping Seriously Free!?

Yes, shipping cost is 110% covered by us on all domestic orders, meaning that anyone who plans to have any product of ours delivered within the United States it will be free! Not only does any purchase directly from our website come with free shipping, but we also make sure we apply 2nd Day Air to all of our orders to ensure that customers don’t have to wait! It is far too common for customers to be duped by savvy marketing techniques. The days of customers seeing one price only to make it to the check-out screen to find out that there are excess shipping fees or certain requirements to get deals are long over. When customers decide to join the eCommsell family, we make sure to remind them of how important their purchase is to our brand by removing all domestic shipping fees. We aren’t afraid to show a little customer appreciation by taking care of our family, how many companies can say the same?


How Does eCommsell 2-Day Shipping Work?

The most frustrating aspect of any online purchase is trying to hold the composure together and remaining patient during the time period in between making the actual transaction and receiving the item. In order to combat this and make sure that customers don’t experience a delay in delivery time, we make sure to expedite all of our shipping with 2-Day shipping free of charge. Here’s typically how the process works!

Once a customer makes a purchase from, no matter what the device may be or its size, our system automatically updates us along with sending out an email to all customers confirming that their order has been processed and their transaction has been finalized. To keep confusion to a minimum, we make sure that customers are notified about their order confirmation prior to being notified about any other issues with their order in the case that their order is canceled or unable to be fulfilled. Once we receive notification through our system that the transaction has cleared, the order is then sent to our shipping team where it will then be processed and packaged for final delivery. Immediately after the completion of the packaging process, an automated message is then delivered to the customer’s email account regarding the tracking number, postal carrier service, and estimated delivery time. Communication is essential when it comes to relaying shipping information, therefore we do our best to make it as simple as possible!


Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Shipping


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