Benefits of an eCommsell iPad

Benefits of an eCommsell iPad
Benefits Of a Certified preowned iPad from eCommsell


 Are you looking for an iPad for your little one? We're gonna share a few reasons why you should consider one of our certified preowned devices. 



Price: The iPad will look like new and function like a new one but the price won't reflect it.  We are able to price these devices lower than a new one because they are preowned.  With a lower price, you wont have to worry as much about your child having such an expensive device.  

Testing: Each device goes through 70 Point testing process that confirms they work just like a new iPad.  This ensures that you receive the best functional device possible. 

Warranty: The 12 Month Warranty covers any and all product defects (hardware and software). This warranty covers any malfunction of the phone independent of your use (touch-sensitive malfunction, battery failure, pushbuttons, etc.).  If your device shows any signs of malfunction, then please contact us to start your return. Once we receive the device, we can send you a replacement that is fully functional or we can issue a full refund for your purchase. 

Ecofriendly: Buying going with a certified preowned device, you are making a statement on being environmentally aware.  By reusing these devices, you are reducing electronic waste around the world.  Electronic waste makes up a lot of Earth's landfills.  By refurbishing these devices, we are decreasing the chance of that happening.