Certified Pre-Owned MacBook's at eCommsell

Certified Pre-Owned MacBook's at eCommsell

Apple is constantly releasing new products and for some, purchasing them isn’t necessary. However, there is a great opportunity for those who decide not to buy the latest and greatest.

When everyone is jumping out of their seat to get a new computer deemed better than the one they currently own, they’ll have to figure out what to do with the used technology. Fortunately, this is the perfect time for bargain hunters to buy a ‘new’ computer.

The purchase of a used computer may serve you better than a fully upgraded new one. New computers come at astronomical prices and often come with features that you don’t need, or want for that matter.

If you’re struggling to decide whether to buy a new or used computer, consider these three reasons why buying a used MacBook may be the right decision for you.

1. You can save a little money buying a used Mac

It’s no secret that the cost of a MacBook is much higher than you’d like it to be. Even if you purchase the lowest-grade laptop, it’s still going to run you about a grand. However, if you decide to buy a MacBook that’s a few years old, the value will have decreased with each year it has aged, even though Apple products tend to hold their value. 

Additionally, MacBook's are considered to be some of the most durable and reliable laptops on the market. According to Consumer Reports, only 10% of MacBook's fail by their third year of use. With that said, spending your hard-earned cash on a brand new computer may not be necessary.

2. Extended battery life

If you continue to purchase new MacBook's whenever an updated version is released, you’ll never give the battery, or RAM, the opportunity to strengthen with use. Over time, the battery will become more resilient as it experiences power surges within the unit and external factors.

Yes, a new shiny computer sounds like a great investment, but, as you keep buying you will just restart the process of building your internal functions.

If you decide to buy a used MacBook it’s easy to figure out just where the battery life stands and it’s important to know this information before making a purchase.

To find the current usage of the battery click on applications, then utilities and navigate to the system information option. Once you’re in the information tab, select power and take a look at the health information. Here, you will find the condition of the battery and how many cycles it has gone through.

3. Comfort comes with familiarity

When investing in a complex piece of technology, people have their quirks about the feel, the sounds and the way a screen portrays an image. If you’re used to working on an older version of a MacBook, buying a used one would be ideal for you.

With each updated version of Apple technology, the build and technical settings change with the software. MacBook's continue to get smaller and more keys are added to the dashboard. In addition, the feel of the keys changes as well. Newer versions of MacBook's are equipped with larger keys that don’t make as much noise.

If you are used to the more elevated keys, the newer version could throw you off for a bit of time. Some new versions of the computers even come with digital keys to operate sound, brightness and other screen changes. These updates don’t necessarily add keys to the MacBook but it changes the way people are used to operating the device.

You won’t save boatloads of money, but refurbished computers tend to be about 20% cheaper than brand new ones.