Daily Deals at eCommsell

Daily Deals at eCommsell

  We have added a new section to the site called 'Daily Deals'. What you can expect from this collection is a curated selection of products that we will be discounted until July 4th. You may be asking, well, what products are available? 

  The Daily Deals that will be available until July 4th are the iPhone 8's, iPad 5th Gen, AirPods Pro, and Mac Mini. 

  The iPhone 8 is one of our most popular devices. Customers love that it's super affordable, comes with touch ID, wireless charging and is compatible with iOS 15. That ultimately makes this device ideal for anyone!

  The iPad 5th generation is loved by many because it is an older model device that still operates with all the latest apps and it is compatible to operate on iOS 15. This alone makes this a perfect candidate for school with online school/classes nowadays. 

  AirPods Pro are perfect for many individuals, especially the music addict and the gym goer. Wireless Bluetooth takes away the worry of cords being in the way and getting tangled. Noise cancellation that keeps you in the zone and focused on the task at hand. If you've been on the edge, take advantage of our $169.99 in app exclusive offer.  

   Lastly, the Mac Mini. It does not give off the vibe that it is a computer, but looks can be deceiving. The Mac Mini is perfect for work and school as it runs on an intel i3 processer, 128GB SSD and 8GB RAM. This is basically a portable computer that you can take anywhere and hook it up to any monitor for instant access. Starting at $399.99, you can't beat that. 

   We do understand things are hard for some individuals and families, so we do offer QuadPay which allows you to make 4 payments over the course of 6 weeks so you do not have to pay all up front. What is great about this feature, we do not wait to ship the products until they're fully paid off, we ship your device out right after the first payment! However, we also offer Sezzle and Affirm for payment plans. 


The eCommsell Team