We're moving!

We're moving!

UPDATE at 11:20 am CST on 5/27

With the move officially over and now getting settled in, we wanted to say once again, we appreciate the continuous support and patience with us during this time. It was very hectic but to be able to bring better service and more products to our customers, it makes it all worth it. So, with that being said everything is getting back to how it was prior to the move, so all orders are back on track and inventory is ramping back up. We will have an announcement for our loyal fans and customers regarding some changes within our business, so stay tuned to hear what will be happening! 

The eCommsell Team

UPDATE at 4:22 pm CST on 5/17

  We are finally in the new facility! Phase 3 has begun, that means we have begun processing orders again and are starting to get everything in place. What does this mean for you, our customers? We are going to expand our product line to Samsung, LG and Android devices! We will also be adding PC's and gaming computers. We hope that you all are as excited for this next chapter as we are. Packages from last week will be shipped today and tomorrow, so check your inbox for shipping confirmation emails. Again, we would not be in this position without our amazing customers, so for that we are forever grateful. Feel free to message hello@ecommsell.com with any other suggestions on what we should add to our product line, we would love to hear everyone's input!


The eCommsell Team


UPDATE at 11:16 am CST on 5/12

Phase 2 of our moving process is now starting. In this phase we will be moving everything from the current facility to our new facility. We wanted to thank our customers first and foremost for the support and continued patience. Now, with what to expect for the remainder of the week: Any order placed after 2:00 pm CST today, will not be shipped until Monday, 5/17.

 The eCommsell Team

UPDATE at 1:03 pm CST on 5/11

  We are packing up the office slowly but surely. We expect to have all the belongings of the current office packed and in transit to the new office by weeks end. From here, it will probably take us another 7 days to get everything situated. Our new facility is roughly 5 X bigger than the current facility. This allows us to widen our product line and allow more products to our customers. We are super excited and hope all of you are as well. As the moving process continues forward we will continue to leave updates on where we are. We want to thank  you all again for the continued support and patience, as this would not be possible without each of you! 


The eCommsell Team  




We’ve got some news for you! WE must tell you as our loyal customers and fans what to expect over the next few weeks with eCommsell.  But first, we want to thank you for being a part of our journey! Because of the support of awesome people like you, we've outgrown our facility and are expanding to a bigger space within the next few weeks.

Below are the details on our expansion: 

We’re expanding to a bigger space so we can bring you a broader product offering. What does this mean for you? 

  • More MacBook's
  • More iPhones
  • coming soon... Certified pre-owned Androids
  • coming soon… PCs!

Thanks for your patience as we grow and move!

None of this would be possible without all of you! We are looking forward to expansion and continuing to give you all an one-of-a-kind experience when shopping with us. All we ask in return is to be patient with us during this transition. 


What to expect?

  • A shortage of devices until the move is complete
  • a possible 1 additional days for processing orders

Again, this is a huge milestone for us as a company. We only thought it was fair to let the customers and fan base who got us here, to know exactly what is going on. We are excited to see where this takes us and we look forward to continuing satisfying our customers with great certified pre-owned devices. 

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The eCommsell Team