Why You Should Consider a Preowned Phone for Your Teen

Why You Should Consider a Preowned Phone for Your Teen


Here are few reasons you should look into buying preowned phones for your teen:


The Specs: 

All of our newest iPhones feature facial recognition, water & dust resistance, and Siri which are all important features that teens value as they desire up-to-date tech-savvy devices.



There really is no difference between our certified preowned devices and a new one.  The only one that truly stands out is the price.  You will save over $100 when you purchase a preowned device and receive even better security. 


Money Back if they don't like it:

Our 30 day warranty guarantees that if you teen does not like the device within 30 days of using it, you guys can ship it back. Look at it as a free trial for the phone. Our 12 month warranty guarantees that we will fix your device for free if anything goes wrong with its functionality.  


They've earned it:

 - Has your teen been working really hard in school and you think its time for an upgrade.  Well this is the most affordable and safest way to upgrade their phone.