Warranty Completed

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Thank you for upgrading your warranty to the eCommsell 12 Month Warranty. Your device is covered from the day you receive it and for the following 364 days.

If you have any questions or concerns about the warranty or product, please reach out to our team directly. We take pride in offering awesome service!


12-Month eCommsell Warranty Info:

The 12 Month Warranty covers any and all product defects (hardware and software). This warranty covers any malfunction of the phone independent of your use (touch-sensitive malfunction, battery failure, pushbuttons, etc.).  If your device shows any signs of malfunction, then please contact us to start your return. Once we receive the device, we will try to repair the issue with original parts, if the device is unrepairable we can send you a replacement!

If you lose, drop/break the phone or if it is oxidized (water damaged), then neither of these warranties will apply and we cannot accept the device for return. 


If you have any questions, contact us!

Email: hello@ecommsell.com

Phone: 314-390-3900