Ecommsell 12 Month Warranty!

Ecommsell 12 Month Warranty! - ecommsellcom
Our main goal here at Ecommsell is ensuring that our customers feel appreciated and know that they will be taken care of. Too often do customers purchase devices without being aware of a company’s product warranty that comes with a specific purchase. As a result, the customer generally ends up losing out on their money or product along with the company getting a bad reputation. In the end, neither the customer nor the company benefit. One of the most important concepts within the business is establishing a trustworthy and transparent relationship with your customer and that is why we want our customers to know exactly what their 12-month warranty means.

Explaining Your 12-Month Warranty in-depth

The eCommsell 12 Month Warranty is our standard company warranty policy which is compatible with all of our devices no matter the make or model. This warranty plan covers all product defects (hardware and software) that are caused on behalf of our team. In other words, this specific warranty is exclusively for phone independent issues:

  • Touch-sensitive malfunction
  • Battery failure
  • Push-buttons
  • Not charging properly
  • Etc.

In the case that your device begins to show signs of malfunction, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email to request a return! Upon receiving your return request we’ll have one of our amazing customer service representatives take care of you immediately. Not only will they provide you with a prepaid return label in order to avoid any return shipping fees, but they will also make sure to solve the issue at hand. One important thing to note is that all returns must be returned and delivered back to us before our team can move forward with processing a replacement that is fully functional or issuing a full refund for your purchase. 

What Voids My Warranty?

Unlike most companies, we emphasize transparency just as much as we promote our products! In better words, we DON’T believe in hiding what voids a warranty on our website. Here is a list of things of the most reasons behind voided warranties: 

  • If you lose your device
  • Drop/break the phone
  • Water damaged

Please be sure to note that any reason listed above void all warranties, as a result, we cannot accept the device for return. Another key thing to note when returning a device is the fact that if you return a device back without its original cable and adapter, we reserve the right to apply a 10$ fee per accessory.


Anything Else I Need To Know About My Warranty?

One of the most common misconceptions with our 12-Month warranty is that it is applied to all of our devices regardless of the platform on which the device is ordered. Just to clarify, customers who purchase our devices on other online platforms outside of are subject to different terms of warranty as the device is not sold directly to the customer from us. Please note that customers there is a restocking fee applied to customers who return non-defective devices. It helps absorb losses that occur when devices are returned. This includes paying for shipping expenses, paying employees to process returns, repackaging and restocking the merchandise, testing the products, and data removal).